Lund Oil, Inc.

About Lund Oil

About Lund Oil

Celebrating 40 Years

In May of 1950, local western North Dakota natives, Don & Virginia Lund, with the help of many local farmers, started delivering fuel for farm operations in Western North Dakota running under the name of Independent Farmers Oil. After a few years of managing Independent Farmers Oil, Don saw another opportunity to simultaneously manage propane operations for Westland Oil and also run a convenience store in New Town North Dakota. During this time, the oil boom started to move into the area and Don realized the need for selling refined products in the industry. The people of Independent Farmers Oil were fine with Don running his own operation in the oilfield as long as he continued to service their customer base.

In July of 1981, Don & Virginia began Lund Oil, Inc. alongside their son, Jayson, and his wife, Mary Lou. The family worked side by side selling refined products, mainly diesel fuel, oil and lubes primarily to different drilling and completion operations. Along with the delivery business, they ran the gas station in Keene. In September of 1994, Lund Oil opened a convenience store called One Stop which is located on the west side of Watford City. In 1996, Mary Lou passed away in a car accident.  Shortly after Mary Lou’s passing, Lund Oil relocated from Keene to Watford City.

With the move to Watford City, Lund Oil was able to establish themselves as the premier refined products service company in the residential and commercial sector while still maintaining their presence in the oilfield. While always maintaining their presence at home, Lund Oil has always followed drilling and completion operations throughout Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana serving as a major player in the Bakken and Williston Basin area.

Lund Oil is committed to being your safe and reliable source for all of your gas, fuel, propane, and lubricant needs. Lund Oil is committed to serving the people in the community we have been a part of for over 60 years.

Our Core Values:

Donald Lund, Founder (Retired)

Virginia Lund, Founder (Retired) 1928-2019

Jayson Lund, President